How did this cupcake thing start?

Life gave me lemons and I decided to make cupcakes with them!  I started to bake cupcakes after a year long fight with breast cancer followed by a layoff from my job (and oh yeah my husband was laid off too!).   It was a year of facing many fears and figuring out what brings joy and happiness to my life.  From all that craziness I realized that everyday there is an opportunity to get excited even when things aren't going your way.

Celebrating with friends is what it's all about. I took inventory of my skills and the list in order was: people, creativity and planning parties!  Cupcakes seemed like the best way to touch on all three of those qualities.   Sinful Bliss Cupcakes are individual treats made with care, creativity and the intent of celebrating the big and little joys of the day! 

I want to work everyday where I can help people create special memories or just hang out and eat something delicious! So come on give us a try! 

Tammie Parnell (That's me in the picture!)